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What we do:

We are an architecture and interior design office in Lisbon, Portugal. We design the space of the client, according to the need and taste. We design the entire property or just one environment, whether residential or commercial.
If that's your case, we also exclusively design furniture, decoration or joinery for just one room, for example.


Here are some services that CW Architecture offers:

turnkey projects– This is the concept of the very complete project. We go from the planning, from the first design, to the delivery of the property ready to move in: decorated, with the towels already washed in the bathroom, the clean sheets laid out on the beds, the bottle of water in the kitchen and the flower arrangements in place. As the name explains, justpick up achave and enter.

Houses and apartments under construction - This service serves customers who buy a property still under construction and need support in choosing finishing materials, defining electrical, water and sewage points, as well as recesses and lighting to adapt the new residence to customer needs.


Small refurbishments - In case they choose to improve an environment, we do a localized renovation, which can be modernizing the kitchen, expanding the bathroom, tearing down a wall and harmoniously integrating two environments, changing the floor, new electrical, among others.

Design and execution of exclusive joinery-  Are you thinking of having a custom-made rack, a bed panel, a console or other piece of furniture that fits perfectly with your style and your home? We also design and monitor the execution. The high level of demand and the good taste of our customers have led us over the years to develop detailed joinery projects, with the seal of an architect.

But not only that, we do more:

We store your furniture andhome appliances until the space is assembled. Furniture is purchased and delivered to our warehouse. They are received, checked and, if necessary, we make exchanges or returns, without inconvenience to the customer.

Transport and assembly. We organize all the transport from the warehouse to the customer's space and the assembly of the environment. 

Monitoring of contracted services.We accompany each stage of the contracted services, be it painting, wallpaper, installation of carpentry, replacement of floors, coverings, necessary works, installation of countertops, electrical and everything necessary for the client to enter and live.

Your home is clean upon arrival.We take care of all the cleaning, from the post-construction cleaning and the customer's pre-entrance cleaning to the bed and bath linen that will already be ready and in the places to use them.

Ownership change services and new contracts.If you need to change the ownership of water, gas, energy, telephone, internet, private security systems, among other services, we can also help you.

Othat moves us:


Tranquility and transparency out of respect for you.

Experience:  We started in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In these 15 years of experience, we have developed large projects in the best neighborhoods of the city, such as Leblon, Ipanema and Gávea. In 2019, the office opened in Lisbon, Portugal. Since we've been here, we've already done projects for Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Florianópolis, Paris and the United States. We are global.

Respect: We bring contemporaneity to classic projects, mixing concepts, always respecting the taste of customers and the intended budget. We take care to suggest how to use in a more harmonious way the aspects presented by the clients as fundamental to the project.

Satisfaction:  We consolidate successful results and deliver efficiency and beauty to clients who progress happily and fulfilled. 

Project management:  We accompany our customers throughout the entire process. We are careful with every phase. Each project is unique and personalized for each one.

Knowledge: We keep up-to-date, we know the trends and we continually seek studies and knowledge to bring the best options to choose from for our customers.

Delivery:  We are committed to deadlines, as we know that this way we can better serve those who seek us out. In this sense, we always charge our suppliers and contractors. Everyone who works with us already knows that we value the agreed commitment and seek to meet the agreed delivery date.

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