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Our story

Dating since 1996 and married since 2005, Luiz and Carol are the parents of two daughters, Maria Fernanda and Maria Clara.
Both had other professions. She graduated in dentistry, with a few specializations, and he in economics. Luiz was an executive at large companies. He holds a master's degree in business management and has some MBAs and executive programs in Brazil and Portugal.
In 2007, Carol fell in love with interior design, completed her Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Interior Design Cândido Mendes and then studied and graduated as an Architect at Estácio, with more than 15 years of experience with renovations and decoration projects.
They moved to Portugal in 2018 and opened CW Arquitetura e Interiores the following year.
CW Arquitetura e Interiores has already carried out projects in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Texas, Florianópolis and Paris, in addition to greater Lisbon.


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